Thirty years ago my children attended New Life Day Care Center. Now my grandchildren attend New Life Day Care because we always knew that the care there was exemplary and helped them grow both educationally and spiritually in a family type environment.

Ronald Pilozzi

Former Mayor of the City of Tonawanda

As an Erie County Legislator, I am proud that New Life Day Care Center is in my district. As a grandfather, I am grateful that New Life Day Care took such good care of my granddaughter.

Kevin Hardwick

Erie County Legislator

I would recommend New Life Day Care Center to anyone who wants a safe, clean and quality environment for their children. I have been in and out of the center for 20 years and brought my children there.

Charles Swanick

Former Chairman of Erie County Legislature

My son Joey has been at New Life since 2 years of age in the day care center. He is now in first grade an a year ahead of pubic school children. I am a firm believer in private school education and am very happy with all aspects of New Life Center. I highly recommend this school and day care center to anyone looking toward private education for their child.

Michele Caliguiri

Owner of Kalamata Restaurant

My daughter has been with New Life Day Care since she was 5 months old. I was looking for a daycare that was 1. friendly, capable and trustworthy 2. clean bright facility 3. reasonable price. I worked at other day cares and as someone that worked in the education field, I had very high expectations. New Life met all of them and exceeds each and every one. I especially appreciated the daily feedback provided by the staff on daily activities and the staff's interest in seeing my daughter thrive in every way. My baby is now 2 years old, she is bright, happy and thriving. New Life Daycare has become our home away from home.

Gillian Perez

Day Care Parent